Allocation of Business

1.  Compilation, Maintenance and Interpretation of all Acts/ Rules
2.  Laws and regulation in force from time to time
3.  Administration of Justice including District Council Court and training of Judicial Officers.
4.  Advice on Legal matters.
5.  Appointment of Advocate General/Standing Counsel/Public prosecutor  and Advocate.                                          
6.  Advice on all cases in High Court and Civil Court against the Government.
7.  Vetting of all official Bills/Rules/Regulations. 
8.  Contract deeds and Arbitration cases.    
9.  Matters relating to inheritance of property under the Mizo  District (Inheritance of Property) Act, 1956
10. General Supervision over District and other Subordinate Courts.                                                                         
11. Lushai Hills Autonomous  District (Administration of Justice) rules, 1953.
12. Personal Laws and Customary Laws and Practices.
13. Matters relating to High Court .
14. Investiture of magisterial powers.
15. Matters relating to Legislative Assembly.
16. Establishment of the institution of Lokoyukta in the State of Mizoram.
17. Motor Accident Claims tribunal.
18. Recovery of  dues under Bengal Public Demands Recovery Act, 1913.
19. Registration of Marriages.
20. Separation of Judiciary from Executive.
21. Matters relating to the Mizoram Judicial Services.f

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