INTRODUCTION: In pursuant  to the implementation of The Mizoram Compulsory Registration of Marriages Acts, 2007, Office of the Registrar General of Marriages has been established with effect from 1st April, 2008.

Under this establishment, there is one Registrar General of Marriages, who is also the head of the office and six office staff with the following posts:
 1.Head Assistant              -    1 post of Regular Staff
 2.Upper Division Clerk      -    1 post (Contract basis)
 3.Lower Division Clerk      -    2 post (Muster Roll)
 4.Peon                               -    2 post (Muster Roll)

The office is located in the Judicial Complex at New Secretariat Complex, Khatla area in Aizawl.

IT’S FUNCTION:       As it has already been mentioned, the name of the office is Registrar General of Marriages. The main function of the office is to register married couple under the Compulsory Registration of Marriages Act through Registrar of Marriages who were appointed in every local area in the City and Towns and in Villages within Mizoram. It may be worth mentioning that there are altogether 699 Registrar of Marriages appointed in the State.

        These Registrar were given training in the field of registration and they are provided with necessary materials from the office. The main functions of this office is to vigilante and supply whenever these Registrar of Marriages made demand and submit requirements.

        Supervision and guiding these Registrars in the field of registration of marriages is also one of the main function which cannot be taken for granted.

        Another important function of this office is to compiled whatever reports and returns were received monthly and quarterly from the Registrar. Every reports and returns made by the Registrar has been updated and a separated files and registrar has been maintained in district wise.

        As insisted in the Act, annual report has been submitted to the State Government in an abstract form.

IT’S OBJECT:      As every office has an objective to achieve, this office has also an objective to achieve, that is, to make each and every married couple registered under this Compulsory Registration of Marriages Act, 2007, especially those who were married from the month of April, 2008 and after. This does not mean that door is closed for registration who is willing to get registered event before the Act is came into force. Every married couple within Mizoram can get registration and there is no bar for those who get married before the existant of this Act.

                The Compulsory Registration of Marriages Act, 2007 referred for registration to those married couple who get married after the Act came into force i.e. 1st April 2008, compulsory.

                Another objective this office is trying to achieve is to make publicity as wide as possible and to draw awareness of the people of Mizoram in the necessity of this Compulsory Registration of Marriages.

ACCESSIBILITY:    The accessibility of this office is becoming stable year after year. Publicity of this office Objectives has often been made through media in which a part of office functions and programmes, direct and indirect communication were made in order to solve any situation faced. Further, through telephonic communication, any problems arises from Registrar side or from the people were openly dealt in accordance with the Act and Rules so that, these people may get whatever they sought for.

                Information to local people in each areas were often informed through Information Network or by means of local papers stating that, those who looked forward to get registered and those who eagerly want to be conversant in registration, this office will always hear and welcome whatever the need arises. And the office main objectives is to make these people aware of this Act.